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4 reasons why everyone is switching to Dip.

What are Dip Laundry Strips' ingredients?

Fragrance Free

- Anionic Surfactant: A natural active cleaning ingredient

- Non-ionic Surfactant: A biodegradable grease remover and in combination with Anionic Surfactant provide resistance to hard water.

- Polyvinyl alcohol: A non-toxic, biodegradable polymer that acts as a fabric softener.

- Sodium Citrate: A salt based ingredient, naturally occurring in fruit. It works to balance ph levels and soften hard water.

- Coconut Oil Extracts: A natural soap cleanser, cleanses the skin of bacteria and dirt.

- Sapindus Mukurossi Extracts: A fruit extract that works as a cleansing agent.

- Bacteriostatic Agent: A biological agent that stops bacterial growth, without killing the organisms.

- Enzyme: A naturally occurring proteinase that aids the break down of tough stains, particularly in cold water.

The enzyme myth: It is a common misconception that enzymes in biological laundry detergent cause skin irritation, this is in fact a myth. The primary reason for skin irritation is the alkaline ph level which is often up to 10 in regular Laundry Detergents (Bleach is 12+). Our strips have a neutral ph (7) which is the equivalent of water, they are hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin.

Why we use enzymes: Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that help breakdown tough stains, especially in cold water. They enable people to do more cold water laundry and to put delicate clothes (e.g. silk) in the same washes. Saving a lot of energy and reducing environmental impact.


Fresh Linen

- The same as above with the addition of 'Fresh Linen Fragrance'.













How many strips should I use?

- Small load = half strip (tear strip off and tear in half again)

- Regular load = 1 strip

- Large or very soiled load = 2 strips (1 whole sheet)















Can Dip be used with delicate fabrics?

Yes, our laundry strips are designed to be used with all fabrics and are especially designed for great cleaning power in cold water washes. Nevertheless, if you are at all concerned, we recommend testing on select garments first.















Can I use Dip in an H.E. (high efficiency) machine?Can Dip be used with delicate fabrics?

Yes. Our laundry strips do not contain a concentration of suds like most liquid or powder detergents so they work effectively in H.E. machines.















Is Dip tested on animals?

No! Dip products are never tested on animals by us or our manufacturers.















Is Dip vegan?

Yes. All of our products are vegan and cruelty free.















Is Dip safe?

Yes, when used as intended our products are perfectly safe. Keep out of reach of children and if they are consumed or come in contact with eyes, seek medical attention.















Can Dip be used with delicate fabrics?

Dip Laundry Strips are made in our hydroelectric, renewable energy manufacturing plant in Shanghai. All of our products are made to the highest quality standards and are completely cruelty free. We are totally transparent about how and where all of our products are made and are proud of our fantastic manufacturing partners.