About Us

We wanted to change the way we live

We could see how much waste was being produced on simple every day activities. We could also see that it was because the sustainable options weren't good enough for people to change their habits. So, we decided to create products that are better, more convenient and more affordable. Starting with laundry - the most wasteful activity of all.

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Balance elegance and sustainability

Too many eco-friendly companies neglect the need for an elegance of product, experience and design. So, we set out to create exceptional experiences from the start. We wanted to create products people love that just happen to be great for the world too!

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We weren't the only ones

When we asked around, we even surprised ourselves. The consensus was almost 100% the same as what we'd thought. People wanted to be more sustainable but had 3 main issues:

1. "The products aren't as good"

2. "They're inconvenient"

3. "They're expensive"

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So, we're taking-a-dip

We're on a mission to create experiences that will change the way we live forever. One daily activity at a time, we are making life easier for everyone whilst effortlessly moving towards a more sustainable way of living.

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